Warning About Car Door Locks


Notice the hole under the door lock?…

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What a sight to behold! Absolutely STUNNING! This bald eagle nest is located at the Duke Farms in Decorah, Iowa. Being able to watch this amazing bird is so rare… Watching the chicks grow up is even rarer! Whatever you do, please take a few minutes watch… Seeing this will remind you of a time when you felt free and proud to be an American… Enjoy! Come back often! ~ SadInAmerica

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Exposed!… 257 Communist Towns to be Built in the U.S.!


This is the most shocking article I’ve read in a long, long time! The magnitude of this information is nothing short of… SHOCKING! I urge you to read it a second, even a third time! (Also see link at bottom of page to hear alarming explanation!)

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Census Law… The ONLY Constitutional Requirement

I pass this along letter on the census for your information, only. I do not counsel anyone to break the law. Of course, I’m not real sure of what the law is. A direct and literal reading of the U.S. Constitution it seems to me, a non lawyer, is clear as to what the law is: people are legally obligated, only, to cooperate in a head count for political representation purposes. ~ Walter Block – (Send this far and wide!… Print up a copy… just incase! ~ S.I.A.)

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WARNING!… Treats Sold by Dynamic Pet Products… Could Make Your Dog Sick Or Dead!

The FDA is now investigating a product made by a Missouri company. A dozen pet owners have complained to the Better Business Bureau that The Real Ham Bone caused serious injuries and even death in some cases. The product is sold by Dynamic Pet Products, a division of Fricks Meats in Washington, Mo. ~ Video 

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After a Long Winter’s Nap… Finally!… Daylight Saving Time 2010 Arrives!

Most Americans trade an hour’s sleep this weekend for more evening sunshine to enjoy after work…

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New Year’s Resolutions…

Every good citizen’s list of New Year’s resolutions…

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Time Warner Cable Subscribers… You Could Lose Fox Channels On New Year’s Eve!

Don’t panic if you’re watching Fox’s New Year’s Eve special and the screen goes black moments before host Carmen Electra finishes screaming “Happy New Year.” There’s nothing wrong with your TV. You’re just caught in a brawl between two media giants.

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Change You Can Believe In… Change Your Voter Registration!… Just Do It!… Make it Your New Years Resolution!

It’s time to do something the political parties will notice! And what they WILL notice is… (in no particular order), demographics, party affiliation, voting district, race, previous voting record. Changes in those numbers get noticed by the national political election committees. ~ Faith Carr

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READERS!… Michael Badnarik Has Suffered a Heart Attack!… In Serious Condition…

Michael J. Badnarik, the Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United States in the 2004 elections and a former software engineer and radio talk show host has suffered a heart attack. Badnarik is also the president of the 2009 Continental Congress.

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