George Bush On His Deathbed… Are Heartwarming Thoughts and Prayers Appropriate?


It was the outpouring of kind and thoughtful comments on the Huffington Post that unsettled me. “Regardless of politics he’s a good man and father. My prayers are with him and his loved ones.” And, “Mr. President. Thank you for your courage, service and sacrifice to our great nation. Keep up the good fight. Wish you a speedy recovery. God bless you. God bless America.” ~ Adam Michael Luebke

And this one really had me nervously chuckling: “President Bush is a wonderful man with a great sense of humor. Hail to the Chief.”

Hail to the Chief? Of what? Hell on earth? Maybe it’s just me, but I always thought George H.W. Bush, the 41st president of this nation, was kind of a monster. I thought his scrawny neck holding up his blotchy peanut skull was the embodiment of unpunished evil. Maybe I’m missing something.

The Huffington Post is usually to the “left” on the issues anyway, so seeing hordes of readers leaving heartfelt, warm messages for an ailing Bush Sr, who is plagued with both a lingering cough and an ever-rising fever, stood out as odd.

Unless there are small bands of online propaganda teams who seek night and day to bolster the former president’s national image, I dare say people have forgotten just how rotten and criminally insane the 41st president is and was.

People like to pipe up and say, George Bush served our country, you know. Well, Hitler served his country, too, before he went on become ruler of it. (I’m not comparing Bush’s record to Hitler’s, I’m simply saying serving in your nation’s military doesn’t erase the horrendous destruction you carry out in your later political career.) I can hear some of you saying, Isn’t that a bit harsh for a man who just spent Christmas on his deathbed?

Is there any treatment too harsh for a man who sent his military into Iraq and slaughtered 40,000 Iraqi soldiers? And if you say, Well, that’s just how war is, those troops shouldn’t have been fightin’ the American military anyway, then let’s continue. That little U.S. invasion into Iraq also cost 39,612 women, and 32,195 children their lives. It was Operation Too Many Iraqis. Operation Population Reduction. Operation I’m Not A Pussy President.

Well, it’s not like Bush Sr. actually murdered those people himself, you might say. I mean, just because he invaded Iraq to prove to everyone he wasn’t a sissy leader doesn’t mean the gross civilian casualties actually equals blood on his hands.

But what about George Herbert Walker’s orders to bomb electrical grids in Iraq, which subsequently resulted in over 20 million Iraqis living without clean running water and power? A small public health crisis, if ever there was one. Can a good man purposefully wage such misery on a nation of people, and still be thought of as honorable? I don’t know, maybe I’m just weird. Maybe I don’t see the humor in all of that. Or the necessity. And neither do the Geneva Conventions, whose treaties were blatantly ignored during the Gulf War.

I just don’t see how it’s a sad affair that the 41st president had to stay in the hospital over Christmas. That doesn’t seem like a strong enough punishment to me.

And never mind that Bush Sr. spawned one of the stupidest, cruelest, and most destructive human beings on the planet. Whatever damage Bush Sr. didn’t do, his son and 43rd president of this nation did. Hopefully we haven’t yet forgotten Jr’s contributions to both the United States and the Middle East.

Let’s get back to that honorable, dedicated man on his deathbed. During Bush Sr’s Gulf War muscle flexing, the United States “dumped 375 tons of depleted uranium…on Iraq…” (source)

Of course, the typical American response to that is, “At least it was depleted, right?” Wrong, buddy. DU remains radioactive for hundreds of millions of years. It’s a weaker form of radiation, but the health hazards, like birth defects, cancer, and organ failure are the real deal and have killed and sickened an untold number of Iraqis and American troops.

DU dust has poisoned the region’s food and water systems and has created a nightmare for all who have been living there. Using depleted uranium weaponry is not simply irresponsible, it’s demonic. To willfully cause that kind of severe, long-term suffering is wicked.

It’s time for America to wake up. Just because a man was elected president doesn’t mean he wasn’t a monster. He wasn’t elected by God, he, like all of our recent presidents, were elected by intelligent, manipulative campaigns that produced a superficially positive vision of the candidate through all available media sources, which broadcast the images to mostly thoughtless throngs of citizens who didn’t know better, and didn’t want to take the time to know better.

I can’t imagine a punishment great enough for a man like George Bush Sr. There is no way to inflict even a modicum of the pain and suffering and agony onto his person that he subjected onto hundreds of thousands, and possibly millions of people.

There is nothing to be gained from hating the man, but he should not be celebrated or remembered in any kind or positive way. There should be mass movements promoting the disparaging of Bush and every leader like him.

I want to leave you with Bill Hicks’ wild imagination and accurate commentary on George H.W. Bush’s presidency, and offensive against Iraq:

Adam Michael Luebke – December 28, 2012 – posted at DearDirtyAmerica

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2 Responses to “George Bush On His Deathbed… Are Heartwarming Thoughts and Prayers Appropriate?”

  1. drtch Says:

    One does not like being unkind, but this man–a “Skull and Bones” and CIA monster (who likely played a part in the Kennedy murder in 1963)–probably does not deserve good treatment.

  2. drtch Says:

    RIP (and Good Riddance!!)

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